Historic Review

The "Leda" sea food Restaurant was founded 29 years ago, with the idea that it were a familiar company. W here every member of the family was part of this big challenge, here we started to forge our dreams and the comfort of our families.

This society was Don Francisco Rodriguez and Carmen Vargas idea, parents of present landlord of the restaurant, Luis Francisco Rodriguez, Mario Albert Rodriguez and Luis Alberto Rodriguez.

Fifteen years ago they began to work by them selves, founded a society, for wichone they had to worked hard to keep the restaurant afloat, they created a name and prestige in this zone and out of it.

They began with a small business, it had place for more that 100 persons, after they proposed to make bigger the building because the place wasn't enough to give a best service to our clients, so in august 15 of 2001, they inaugurated the new part with space for 250 people, after two year the old part was reconstructed, making it more comfortable for our clients, and in November 1st of 2004 it became a reality with the inauguration of the new part of the building, wichone our clients have to their service today.

The Rodríguez Brothers, try to give the best service to our clients, since they come in to our restaurant, we try to keep care of the most minimum details, because we considered them one more member of our family.